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About USHome

We are currently seeking new US investment opportunities for

our Vietnam investors

USHome (Vietnam) is the leading source of US real estate investment opportunities in Vietnam. With our partner firm, ImmiCa, we have facilitated over $400M of investment in US real estate projects and helped hundreds of accredited Vietnamese investors invest in commercial and residential developments in New York, California, Texas and other regions.

Our project partners include some of the largest real estate sponsors in the US such as Extell, Colony Capital, Lennar, and Lightstone. We also work with smaller, regional sponsors who have specialized local experience, a strong track record, and solid reputation in local markets.

The USHome & ImmiCa Group has over 100 employees with offices in Ho Chi Minh City, Hanoi, and Da Nang.


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USHome is always interested in high-quality US investment opportunities for our Vietnam investors

We work primarily with accredited Vietnamese retail investors. In addition to connecting investors to your project, we typically serve as a liason supporting our investors and partners for the duration of the project.

If you feel your company or project might be a good fit with USHome (Vietnam), contact our CEO, Mr. Carey Chambers, at projects@ushome.vn 

Here are a few guidelines on the types of investment opportunities we are seeking for our Vietnam investors:

  • Commercial or residential, any category except retail, anywhere in US
  • New construction or value add
  • Open to private equity, preferred return, guaranteed return loan, or combination
  • Typical Vietnam investment of $3M to $10M in the capital stack
  • Reputable, experienced sponsors with strong track record